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Certa Books is a Joomla project hosted on the Vivid server. The project began with a 2015 consultation that included screen capture prints and pencil drawings. From those early beginnings, a fully customized online store was born, which you can now visit at www.certabooks.com

The site features an integrated Point of Sale (POS) system build around the Joomla framework. All catalog items were designed to use simple Joomla articles simplifying maintenance and upkeep by the client's staff, while relying on Vivid's support for the sites more technical needs.

Custom Shopping Cart for Desktop
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A custom shopping cart was built from concept drawings for use by desktop and tablet users while a seperate shopping cart design supports mobile device sales.

This approach was designed to minimize staff labor time for managing the online store. Instead of having to manage two seperate sites, a desktop site and mobile site, as many online retailers do, this design integrates mobile and desktop sales, simplifying online store management and saving staff labor hours.

Custom Shopping Cart for Mobile Devices
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Using a customized filtering system, the entire site is searchable by book title, author name, category, genre, or simple keywords offering site visitors a quick and concise tool to search through available store products.

But not all of the project's features are visible by staff or visitors. Integrated into the site's design is an on-site and off-site backup system and security system designed to provide the client with safety and security.

Product Display on Mobile Devices
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In the event of a catastrophic data loss, the client's complete site and database can be restore to full functionality in as little as 90 seconds. Any service provider would be hard pressed to match this level of data security. Additionally, the entire site is protected against computer hackers, internet bots, and against a wide variety of attacks including SQL injection attacks, and remote and/or local file inclusion attacks.

Certa Books avails itself of many of Vivid's services, from concept design and construction, to hosting on Vivid's private server, to company-wide domain email support, to staff training, to helpdesk support, to site maintenance, updates, and backups, If this sounds like the kind of service package you've been looking for, complete Vivid's Contact Form to claim your free initial consultation.