• Service Merchandise - 01
    This was the Service Merchandise live site when I began building the new concept design proposal. Use the pop-up tool below to open a full page view.
  • Service Merchandise - 02
    This was my design proposal I submitted for the site rebuild. Use the pop-up tool below to open a full page view.
  • Service Merchandise - 03
    My first logo redesign for Service Merchandise reminded me of cinnamon candy. In spite of the fact that the new logo looked delicious, I went back to the drawing board and created another design seen in the next slide.
  • Service Merchandise - 04
    I simplified this version and dialed back the logo to a matte surface. This is the logo Service Merchandise uses to this day.

Service Merchandise


Original Service Merchandise Site Design
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The Service Merchandise project was a redesign proposal. In May of 2009, I was approached to build a concept proposal for a complete site redesign while maintaining, and even focusing on, brand recognition.

The design proposal modernized the whole site with a user friendly layout and a tiled approach to content categories which turned out to be a few years ahead of its time, as such designs became popular as the market shifted to layouts for mobile devices a few years later.

Vivid Vision Design Proposal
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My design centered around the three primary colors of the Service Merchandise brand: red, black, and white. I designed the page banner to function as a CTA (i.e. call to action) which also allowed for updates, specific campaigns, and promotions.

I had no high-resolution graphics to work from, so I re-created the Service Merchandise logo in Photoshop. My original design favored the transparent glass look that was popular in '09 but before submitting my proposal, I dialed the logo surface back to a matte finish. Service Merchandise continues to use my logo build to this day which you can see at www.servicemerchandise.com.