Campaigns – What They Are & Why You Need Them

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One of the functions Vivid Vision builds into the Joomla sites we construct the ability to track campaigns. When we mention this little tidbit to our clients, it’s usually met with an enthusiastic nod, however, experience has shown very few clients understand what a campaign is or how to use one.

When one hears the word campaign, thoughts of politics and elections often come to mind, but a campaign in business marketing is something quite different.

Let’s illustrate a campaign with an analogy so to make its functions easier to understand.

Joomla vs. WordPress - Which is Right for You?

Joomla versus WordPress

At some point during an initial consultation, the client will ask, “Which is better, Joomla or WordPress?” And while I’d love to offer a definitive answer, in reality, it’s entirely subjective to the client’s needs.

Vivid Vision jumped on the Joomla bandwagon back in 2008 with the release of Joomla 1.5. Ten years later, we’re on the cusp of the Joomla version 4.0 release. With ten years of programming, design, building, hosting, and maintenance experience on the Joomla platform, I can assure you Joomla is the most robust and versatile mainstream content management system available today—but…it is not for everyone.

To help with this discussion, let’s begin by defining a few things. For example, what exactly is a content management system or CMS and how does it differ from a static or regular website?

Duo Tang 400x400Go Back to School with Free Open Office

Thirty-eight years ago, I came home from my first day of school with a list of supplies I needed for class. One item was called a Duo-Tang.

At the time, neither I nor mom had any idea what a Duo-Tang was or where to buy one. Undaunted, she took me shopping.

At one store, a helpful clerk showed us clear plastic report covers with a colored slip on binder, a Duo-Tang. Adding pencils, paper, Elmer's glue, eraser, round-tip scissors, and a ruler to the mix, I was ready for another year of learning. The supplies cost less than five dollars.

Four decades later, school supplies may include inkjet cartridges, printing paper, personal computer, office and reference software, plus Internet access. This back-to-school cost can easily top $1000 or more for a single PC workstation.

Free 300x 01Free is a Four Letter Word

Have you ever noticed that everything on the Internet is free? It must be true — I see it all the time.

There's free downloads, screen-savers, wallpaper, layouts, smiles, avatars, and games. There's so much free stuff I decided to Google free just to add it all up.

According to Google, my search for Free yielded 2 billion 50 million hits in only .04 seconds. Yikes! I can have free stuff until the end of time.

Let's see, there's free money and free cell phones. There's free books and free address labels. There's free MP3s and free kids? Yup, that's what it says.

Everywhere you look, there's something for nothing and it's all free until you find out what free costs you.