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What is Joomla? In a nutshell, Joomla is a content management system, but the name alone doesn't tell you much. Instead, think of Joomla as website clay and your Joomla artist models the clay to create your site. Your site may be simple or it may be complicated. Joomla handles both with ease. Each and every time a visitor comes to your site, Joomla assembles a webpage based on a set of instructions, meaning that all Joomla pages are dynamic and easily changed.

Vivid’s website, that you are now reading, is a custom ground-up Joomla build. Though Vivid’s site is small at this time, the beauty of Joomla is it can grow with you. When your business is ready for an expansion, Joomla can expand with you. When you’re ready to add a new feature to your web presence, there’s no need to start over. Joomla is ready for the add-on regardless of whether it’s for the public, your staff, administration, company training, or even an add-on eStore.

Joomla is Open Source and is supported by a robust community of 3rd party developers. Vivid has been developing in Joomla for about ten years and never once has a client asked for a website feature that Joomla could not deliver.

What’s the Difference between Joomla and WordPress? Joomla was designed for flexibility. Whatever your need, Joomla can manage it. WordPress was designed as a blogging platform. And though add-ons have stretched WordPress beyond standard blogging functions, at its heart, it’s still a blogging platform.

WordPress is a popular starting point for many people and business. It was designed for the novice and has a shallow learning curve. Joomla on the other hand is quite complicated and has a steep learning curve. When you consider this, it’s easy to understand why many people start out with WordPress.

In following our earlier analogy, if Joomla was modeling clay then think of WordPress as Legos. You can use either to build something, but whatever you build with the Legos, will always look like Legos. It’s the same with WordPress—it has a structure that always says, “This is WordPress.” Not so with Joomla. Joomla is like artist’s clay and if you can imagine it, then Joomla can do it. However, this is where experience shines. Joomla is complex and only an advanced skillset and experience can unlock the design features within Joomla that make it shine.

Will Joomla Work for You? From simple to complex, Joomla is a great platform. However, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for five or six pages that rarely change so your business has a website, then a beginner platform like WordPress might be a better choice for you.

If however, you understand the value of an Internet presence to promote your business, and want something that builds and expands your brand, a platform that is both dymanic and robust with the ability to change as your business changes, then Joomla may be just the ticket.

Joomla Design Vivid specializes in concept designs. This process typically starts with an on-site consultation to get the flavor of your brand, product, and/or service. We listen carefully to your ideas, desires, and dreams and use our extensive knowledge and experience to make them come true.

Typical projects take from six to ten months to build and deploy. This means Vivid signs three to four new clients a year. If you'd like to see what Vivid can do for you, get the process started as soon as possible. Click here to request a free consultation.

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Joomla Hosting One of the things that makes Vivid Vision different is our private hosting. Vivid owns its own private web server where Vivid clients are hosted. Vivid is not in the hosting business, so we do not cram every spare megabyte with client data. Nor do we cap the server’s resources by client as other host services often do. Vivid’s hosting is part of our service package and each client has access to 100% of the server’s resources.

Joomla Maintenance Though Joomla is an extremely robust CMS, it does tend to be a bit maintenance heavy. It requires frequent updates, extension adjustments, on-site and off-site backups, and from time-to-time coding adjustments. Part of Vivid’s service package is to manage your CMS to insure it is always up to date, secure, and online.

Joomla Security Every installation includes active firewall and two-stage authentication. Site SSL certificate is optional but encouraged. Additionally, sites under Vivid’s maintenance plan are backed up using Vivid’s disaster recovery program under which a site can be restored in under two minutes.

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