Vintage Vivid

Vintage Vivid is a special area of Vivid's site that let's you sneak a peek at the past.

Originally published in 1997 on GeoCities, the site showcased 3-D raytrace art work — especially traces made with the raytracing engine Vivid. Additionally, some of the vintage code was so depreciated that it no longer functioned with today's modern browsers and had to be updated. However, care was exercised to maintain the original appearance and function.

It should be noted that bandwidth in 1997 was limited to 14.4 to 28.8 baud modems. Coding in those days was a carefully tailored balance between content and size. This was especially true when dealing with graphics. To that end, the nested-table technique used in Vintage Vivid to achieve graphical frames without using bandwidth consuming graphics, could be considered an early precursor to today's modern CSS styling.

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