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Made with Imagine for Windows

Link to WallLantern.jpg -- 9 kb


Here's a wall lantern that I created for a house scene. As most things on this page, I modeled it with Imagine for Windows. 9 kb jpg

SpaceCan.jpg is a 640 x 480 raytraced image of a soup can floating through space. Originally a test image for an ad campaign animation, the can just looked too interesting as a stand-alone image. 900kb jpg

Link to SpaceCan.jpg -- 900kb


Link to Toy.jpg -- 28 kb


Toy.jpg is a character, originally from Disney's animated feature film Toy Story, I recreated this version from scratch, using Imagine for Windows for a friend in love with the Disney character. My version is a parody of the Disney original, showing the toy's affection for my friend, pictured. 28 kb jpg

ReadingRoom.jpg is a 513 x 466 raytraced image showing chair, foot-stool, table, antique oil lamp, book, and reading glasses. Modeled and rendered with Imagine this virtual reading room makes you want to curl-up with a good book! 110kb jpg

Link to ReadingRoom.jpg -- 110kb


Link to Moon3.jpg -- 99kb


Moon3.jpg is a 1024 x 768 fractal image showing a virtual moonscape with Earth above the horizon. 99 kb jpg

Glass2.jpg is a 640 x 480 raytraced image of a brass soda bottle on a wooden table with intersecting spheres. 57kb jpg

Link to Glass2.jpg -- 57kb


Link to Cstick.jpg -- 72kb


Cstick.jpg is a 800 x 600 raytraced image of a copper candlestick surrounded by floating copper spheres. 72kb jpg

FirstEnc.jpg is a 1024 x 768 raytraced fantasy image of copper worms swimming on a desolate moon in orbit around a ringed planet. The worm society encounters a lighted lamp on a blue acrylic table! 126kb jpg

Link to FirstEnc.jpg -- 126kb


Link to SphereRoom.jpg -- 93kb


SphereRoom.jpg is a 640 x 480 raytraced image of a virtual room with a mirrored ceiling containing a brass goblet and a single mirrored sphere. 93kb jpg

MirrorSphere.jpg is a 640 x 480 raytraced image close-up of a mirrored sphere in a virtual room. 86k jpg

Link to MirrorSphere.jpg -- 86kb


Link to MirrorSphereBlue.jpg -- 86kb


MirrorSphereBlue.jpg is a 640 x 480 raytraced image similar to MirrorSphere except a blue filter was used on the camera lens. 86kb jpg

SphereRoomCurve.jpg is a 640 x 480 raytraced image showing light refraction throughout a virtual room. 77kb jpg

Link to SphereRoomCurve.jpg -- 77kb


Link to RingedPlanet.jpg -- 50kb


RingedPlanet.jpg is a 640 x 480 raytraced image of, what else...a ringed planet! 50kb jpg

Fan.jpg is a 160 x 100 raytraced image of a ceiling fan. This image was pulled from an .avi animation that demonstrates an object with particle attributes. The animation will soon be available for viewing in the theater. 35kb jpg

Link to Fan.jpg -- 35kb


Made with Imagine for Windows

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Made with Imagine for Windows
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Made with Imagine for Windows

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