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Link to Merc1.jpg -- 46 kb


This is the image that got me hooked on raytracing. It was created in 1992 using the Vivid v2.0 Raytracer by Stephen Coy. I believe the artist's name is Adam Shiffman. If this is wrong and anyone can tell me his correct name, I will gladly credit him for one of the best traces ever! 46 kb jpg

Surfers is another of my favorite raytraces. This one is also by Adam Shiffman. Like most of the images on this page, an "include" or input file was written using a text editor and then loaded into a raytracing engine and then generated or traced. See my History page for a detailed look. 45kb jpg

Link to Surfers.jpg -- 45kb


Link to Coolblue.jpg -- 55 kb


Coolblue.jpg is a Vivid 2.0 raytrace by artist Ron Lloyd. Traces like this one are heavy in light refraction which calculates the bending of light through transparent objects. This math intensive process often took many hours or even days to complete, especially since a fast machine in the early 1990s might have been running at 40 mhz! 55 kb jpg

Vivid1.jpg is by an unknown artist using the Vivid Raytracer, and been among my favorites for years. 87kb jpg

Link to Vivid1.jpg -- 87kb


Link to Studio2.jpg -- 140kb


Another one of my favorites is by the artist Gossmeier and rendered with the Vivid raytracer. 140 kb jpg

Axis.jpg is by an unknown artist. I've always liked this trace because it's easy to mix your ups and downs in 3d space! 15kb jpg

Link to Axis.jpg -- 15kb


Link to Trace003.jpg -- 66kb


The signature "DRS '91" is the only clue to this image's origin. Like the other images on this page, they were exchanged many times among subscribers on graphic BBS systems in the early 1990s. 66kb jpg

I always liked the use of backlighting and shadow in this image created by artist Robert Flores in 1993. 31kb jpg

Link to Amfm01.jpg -- 31kb


Link to Fish13.jpg -- 172kb


I believe this image is a 3D Studio rendering. Its surrealism has always kept it in my list of favorites. 172kb jpg

Here's another Vivid raytrace. Though there's no artist's signature the modeling / rendering quality is excellent. 88k jpg

Link to Pool.jpg -- 88kb


Link to Ball.jpg -- 101kb


This image's title and artist is unknown but it's still an excellent trace. 101kb jpg

I believe this is another 3d Studio rendering by an unknown artist.148kb jpg

Link to Ionic5.jpg -- 148kb


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